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Funding Opportunities

Graduate Assistantships

The MPA program offers five graduate assistantships on a competitive basis for full-time students. Students receiving assistantships must enroll in nine hours of coursework per semester and work 20 hours a week on research and other program-related projects.

  • Four MPA students are annually selected to serve as graduate assistants for the Community Assistance Program (CAP). CAP is housed within the MPA office and provides research and capacity building services to nonprofit and governmental organizations.
  •  One MPA student is selected annually to serve under the direction of the MPA Program Director, providing programmatic support and research assistance. 

Each assistantship provides an annual stipend of $12,400, as well as eligibility for a tuition abatement to cover differences between in-state and out-of-state tuition for out-of-state students who have been selected for an assistantship. 

Graduate Assistant Applications and resumes should be submitted to MPA Program Coordinator.



FALL PRIORITY DEADLINE: March 15; Applications will be considered on a rolling basis after the priority deadline.

The Graduate Scholars Award (GSA) has been established to enhance the geographical diversity of applicants to the Graduate School of the College of Charleston. In the belief that the education of people is not confined to the classroom, the university encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to meet and exchange ideas and experiences in the collegiate environment. The application is available online.



The South Carolina Graduate Award has been established to attract South Carolina resident applicants with high scholastic aptitude to The Graduate School of the College of Charleston. Interested students should contact the program director of the program to which they are applying for a letter of support.

This competitive award provides up to $2500 per semester, for up to two semesters, for first year, degree seeking graduate students. The application is available online.

For more information about Scholarships, contact the MPA Office (843.953.6690) or the Graduate School Office (843.953.5614).

Conferences, Research, & Student Travel

The MPA Program & The Graduate School Office strive to provide students with the support they need to attend in-state and out-of-state conferenced and present research. Competitive funding opportunities are typically available via the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and the MPA Student Assocation (MPASA). If you are interested in attending a conference or presenting research, please contact the MPA office (843.953.6690).