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The MPA student's chosen internship should augment the student's area of study.  To satisfy the requirement, students will be required to work no fewer than 300 hours over the course of the semester for three hours of internship credit.  A contract is required between the supervisor, student, and Program Director.  The student will be expected to satsifactorily meet the expectations of the agency.  To that end, the MPA Director will periodically evaluate the student's performance, and consult the on-site internship supervisor.  Finally, the student must submit a paper on the duties, responsibilities, and experience provided by the internship.  

Internship Waivers

Those who are in service or who have significant experience in public administration may formally request to have the internship requirement waived.  Students granted a waiver will take an additional elective course (3 hours) in order to satisfy the hourly requirements for the degree. To request an internship waiver, send an email to the Program Director with your resume and a summary of your work experience that you feel is relevant to support your waiver request. 

Individual Graduate Enrollment Form

To enroll in an internship, all students must complete the Individual Graduate Enrollment form, which must be signed by the student, the faculty supervisor, Dr. Millesen, and then submitted to the Graduate School office.

Recent MPA Internship Placements

The follow organizations have provided internship opportunities for MPA students in the last few years: