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Core Curriculum

The program’s core curriculum is designed to explore the essential elements of public management and public policy and to prepare students for increasingly complex public responsibilities in local and state government, nonprofit organizations, public/private partnerships and regional and federal agencies. The core curriculum emphasizes both the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage and develop organizational resources and to understand the larger constitutional and political setting in which policy is developed and administrative tasks are defined and assessed.

The core curriculum consists of 21 semester hours of coursework and a three-hour internship. See the MPA Catalog for full course descriptions.

PUBA 600 Public Service Roles and Responsibilities
PUBA 601 Research and Quantitative Methods for Public Administration
PUBA 602 Public Policy
PUBA 603 Managing Public Organizations 
PUBA 604 Managing Human Resources 
PUBA 605 Managing Financial Resources 
PUBA 701 Capstone Seminar
PUBA 777 Internship (The internship can be waived for students with extensive employment experience in public administration.)