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The MPA program at the College of Charleston is committed to producing excellent public servants to enter into the work force. As part of a rigorous core criculum, the students are required to complete 300 hours of intern work. We believe that your organization could benefit from the help of one of these compentent and motivated individuals. Being an advisor to an intern is a rewarding opportunity. In addition to helping a student complete requirements, it gives the candidate a meaningful hands-on experience.

An intern can do work similar to the work a full time employee would do, such as administration, budgeting, or human resources for your organization. Other organizations use interns to complete special projects staff hasn't had the time to complete. Some ideas for such projects include: compensation reports, fundraising, or event planning.

Having an intern does not need to cost your organization anything. However more and more organizations are paying a stipend. Because these internship hours are credits, the college charges students the cost of 3 credit hours to work as interns. This amounts to about $1,500 for in-state tuition and about $3,700 for out-of-state tuition. If your organization can afford to, offering stipends would allow all interested students to apply for your organization rather than just the ones who can afford it. 

These internships need to be compatible with the semester (with limited flexibility). Summer term is the beginning of May until the beginning of August. Fall is the middle of August until the middle of December. Spring term starts the middle of January and lasts until the end of April. Students usually start looking for internships around a month or two before they anticipate starting. If your organization would like an intern, please fill out the request form below or contact the Masters of Public Administration office and we’ll add your internship opportunity on our website and advertise it among our students.

If your organization has an impending need for a new employee, having an intern is an excellent way to transition them into the position. This way you can be sure the person you hire is able to work to your organization’s standards.

In the past, MPA students have interned at:

Town of Mount Pleasant

Center for Heirs Property

Ronald McDonald House of Charleston

Redux Contemporary Art Center

Jazz Artists of Charleston

Lowcountry Open Land Trust

and many more.