MPA Internship

The MPA internship requirement is an integral part of the preparation for a student’s employment in the public or nonprofit sector. The internship is a supervised, field experience in which the student participates in the functioning of a public/nonprofit organization. A graduate internship is designed to gain valuable professional experience in a career field in which the student has an interest. Given its importance, the student should begin examining internship opportunities as soon as possible after beginning the MPA program. To ensure the appropriate internship placement, the student should explore as many opportunities as possible.

For more information, please see the MPA Internship Handbook.

Ready to begin the search for your internship?

Contact the MPA Program Director, Dr. Matt Nowlin (, 843.953.6697) for more information and current internship postings. 

Internship Waivers

Those who are in service or who have significant experience in public administration may formally request to have the internship requirement waived.  Students granted a waiver will take an additional elective course (3 hours) in order to satisfy the hourly requirements for the degree. To request an internship waiver, send an email to the Program Director with your resume detailing your work experience that you feel is relevant to support your waiver request. 

Individual Graduate Enrollment Form

To enroll in an internship, all students must complete the Individual Graduate Enrollment form, which must be signed by the student, the faculty supervisor, Dr. Nowlin, and then submitted to the Graduate School office.

Recent MPA Internship Placements

The following organizations have provided internship opportunities for MPA students in the last few years:

Internship Forms

Individual Graduate Enrollment Form

MPA Internship Agreement

Employer Evaluation Form

Student Evaluation Form