Faculty and Staff

The College of Charleston Masters of Public Administration program is fully accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy Affairs and Administration (NASPAA). Program faculty include seven core professors as well as highly qualified adjunct faculty, many of whom are practitioners in the field. 

Faculty Members

GORDON, Gerald "Jerry"

Instructor and Riley Fellow, College of Charleston
Ph.D, Catholic University of America; M.A., George Washington University; B.A., The Citadel.
Areas of expertise: Economic development, international development, strategic planning.


Professor/Political Science Department Chair, College of Charleston
Ph.D, M.A., Emory University; B.A., University of North Carolina.
Areas of expertise: American Politics, Public Administration. 

KWAK, Hyokyung

Assistant ProfessorCollege of Charleston
Ph.D., Publlic Policy and Administration, University of Kentucky; M.A., Syracuse University.
Areas of expertise: Social welfare policy in U.S., intergovernmental relations and social equity.


MPA Program Director and Professor, College of Charleston
Ph.D, M.A., University of Albany (SUNY); MPA, University of Hartford.
Areas of expertise: Nonprofit management, community philanthropy, board development.

NOWLIN, Matthew

Assistant Professor, College of Charleston
Ph. D., University of Oklahoma; M.A., B.A., University of Central Oklahoma
Areas of expertise: Public policymaking, environmental politics and policy, research methods.


Instructor and Riley Fellow, College of Charleston
Honorary doctorate of laws, Old Dominion University; MPA, Syracuse University; the Executive Program, Colgate Darden School of Business, UVA; B.A., Old Dominioin University. 
Areas of expertise: Local and regional government, public finance, economic development.


MPA Instructor, College of Charleston
 Ph.D., Geography, University of Western Ontraio; M.A., Western Michigan University.
Areas of expertise: Local government, GIS, urban development


Professor/Director of the Joseph P. Riley Center for Livable Communities, College of Charleston
Ph.D., M.P.A., University of South Carolina; B.A., University of Central Florida
Areas of expertise: Organizational behavior, Gender, Homeland Security, Non-profit management.


Assistant Professor, College of Charleston
Ph.D., University of Colorado Denver; B.A., Georgetown University.
Areas of expertise: Public administration and management, human resources.

Staff Member


MPA Program Coordinator & Community Assistance Program (CAP) Director
MPA, College of Charleston; BA in English, College of Charleston