Doug Rivet

MPA Instructor

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Douglas Rivet, PhD, University of Western Ontario
Dr. Rivet joined the College of Charleston in August of 2019.  Born and raised in the middle of automotive alley in suburban Detroit he developed an interested in transportation systems and their effects on planning and urban environments. These interests lead him to earn a BS from Eastern Michigan University, MA from Western Michigan University, and PhD in Geography from the University of Western Ontario. His research interests are focused on the relationship between urban environments, policy, and development and rehabilitation outcomes. His personal experiences with disability and mobility have also made him a passionate advocate for urban systems that accommodate all means and methods of transport for people across the urban space. He teaches courses on urbanization, planning, geography, and geographic information systems. In his spare time, he nurtures a unique relationship with college football and a tortured relationship with Detroit professional sports. Dr. Rivet can be reached at or 843.953.1036.