Maren Trochmann

Assistant Professor

Dr. Maren TrochmannMaren Trochmann, PhD, University of Colorado Denver
Maren Trochmann joined the College of Charleston as an Assistant Professor in August of 2019. Her research interests include bureaucratic discretion, social equity, and public management. Her research focuses on the links between citizen engagement, social equity, and policy formation and implementation. She teaches courses on public administration, ethics, housing policy, research methods, and human resources. Dr. Trochmann earned her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and her PhD from the University of Colorado Denver. Prior to joining the College of Charleston, Dr. Trochmann worked for almost a decade as a manager in the federal government in the low-income housing sector. She strives to imbue her scholarship and teaching with insights and experience from her time as a practitioner. When she isn’t working, she enjoys listening to too many podcasts, playing volleyball, traveling (when there are not global pandemics), binging The Office reruns, and spending time with her partner and dogs, preferably at the beach. Dr. Trochmann can be reached at or 843-953-1036.