Degree Requirements

The MPA degree requires a combination of core and elective classes intended to provide the student with a good foundation in public administration theory as well as allow for more specialized knowledge in one of the four cognate areas.  An internship is also required to reinforce these concepts in a 'real world' setting.

Master of Public Administration Degree Requirements

The MPA is a professional degree that requires 36 semester hours, including the following:

  • 18 hours of core courses.
  • 15 hours of electives.
  • A three-hour credit internship. Internships are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.0.

For more information on degree requirements, please see the MPA Program's Catalog

Certificate Policy

Graduate certificates in Arts and Cultural Management in the School of the Arts, and Urban and Regional Planning are offered in the College of Charleston's Master of Public Administration Program. Up to 12 hours taken in the certificate programs may be transferred into the MPA program with the approval of the program director. Students in the certificate program must still apply and be accepted into the MPA program before credit hours can be transferred.

Program alumni interested in obtaining a certificate in Arts and Cultural Management or Urban and Regional Planning may use up to 12 hours taken in the MPA program towards their certificate with the approval of the MPA and certificate program directors. Students must go through the admissions process and be accepted for the certificate program in order to be eligible to earn a certificate.

Students interested in earning both an MPA degree and a certificate are eligible to do so, but must complete a separate application for each program. Students earning the MPA degree and a certificate are expected to complete an internship relevant to the certificate's area of study.

Applications for each certificate program are reviewed by both the certificate's program director and the MPA program director.